Last August (2017), I vacated a rental house in Muranga as I headed down Pwani for another “Tour of Service”. April, this year, I made a comeback and got another rental house in a different location of Muranga town but owned by the same former landlord. A wonderful couple.

Yesterday morning, as I was walking past the old place, a former neighbor saw me and invited me for a cuppa tea and told me “Nyumba yako iko vacant!” Spotting the landlady from the balcony, I asked her about it and told her I want it back. She responds, “Mimi sina problem, pigia rafiki yako just in case someone has booked it”

So after a chat with “rafiki yangu”, same day, niko ndani-jana tu. A nice serene cool place, where, if you remember, I even had a monkey watching me keenly through the window as I worked on the computer keypad and a bird once decided to come in and sit watching me silently.

One more thing. I had left behind a ka-small curtain, those that cover the glass part of the door. Apparently, the two subsequent tenants (I am told they have been two during my absence) decided it was good enough serving them. They also left it intact. So I have been reunited with my ka-curtain.

The humor angle cannot be lacking in the life of Yours Truly..

Today, Sunday, I was to preach in Thika but my fren, in the morning, I could not locate the “gunia or carton” containing my shoes, (Na ni mingi kama zike za Imelda Marcos 👞👞), neither the iron box and most of my apparels were looking like they made part of my pillow last night or the cow decided to try chewing them.

But all is well that ends well.

Made it to Gospel Assembly Church Thika (albeit slightly late and dressed in strange gear for a preacher-man) and shared a message “Ministry: What is it and how does it affect you?”

God is good and everything give thanks.


It is so sad that today so many churches are more focused on CHURCHTAINMENT than on sharing the Good News, the business of saving souls, encouraging the hopeless.

Where as soon as the members of the Praise & Worship Team and assorted singers finish their portion of entertaining the “AUDIENCE” many simply go home, waiting for next Sunday’s show.

Yes, the church has become a show.

I once met a praise and worship team leader of a mega church in Mombasa and I mean MEGA (no names) who told they carefully select what they know their congregation wants to be entertained with.

God must be worshiped in truth and in spirit.


No one who has not tried it would believe how many difficulties are cleared out of a man’s road by the simple act of trying to follow Christ.
(Alexander Maclaren)

One day, years ago during my time with the National Council for Population & Development (NCPD), must have been around 1990, I was to deliver a paper at a seminar on “Contraceptives Methods for the Today’s Woman” at Brackenhurst Conference Center Limuru (does it still exist?). Being the cheeky young officer with an exotic official title of Demographer/Population Officer, I planned to make a dramatic entry into the Hall with my GK driver acting as my Aide-de-Camp. He was to walk behind me cop-style carrying my papers to the podium. Si you know the works? The pomp and showbiz-like acts associated with big shots!


I was dressed in double-breasted stripped dark blue suit and the Jogoo ya KANU badge on my lapel, the in-thing at that time if you wanted no questions from askaris at the gate and receptionists. (hata ile ya picha ya Baba Moi was always at hand in case the need to intimidate the lesser mortals arose katika harakati za kitaifa na maendeleo)


All went well until I reached the podium to discover that Okioma, my ADC, had mixed the papers and given me what I was to present to a DO’s and Chiefs seminar later the same day on “Population and Development” at the Kenya Institute of Administration (KIA)!


Talk of fumbling and buying time before I could get him to retrieve the correct documents from the car! Thank God, I kept the participants busy as I gave an overview of the responsibilities of the NCPD.


I promptly sacked him from his newly acquired status of ADC once the presentation was made!

We talk a great deal of religion, but we need to stop long enough to let our feet catch up with our mouths.

Billy Graham

Lord our God and our Father, we praise you because we are allowed to have community together in the name of Jesus, who has opened our eyes to see you and who has promised to be among us when we are gathered in his name. May our hearts remain unshadowed, even when our lives seem to grow difficult and the future looks dark. Protect us whenever we are tempted and have battles to fight. Deliver us. Make us free people who know we belong to you and who are allowed while still on earth to have a share in eternal life. Amen.

“So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

I prayed to God that he would baptize my heart into the sense of all conditions, so that I might be able to enter into the needs and sorrows of all.

(George Fox)

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