On Being a Christian

I will be still, stunned into silence

My eyes drinking in Your glory

My heart barely beating

My mind gasping in unfathomable awe

All my senses focused on the One true God

My ears hear “hallelujah” choruses

And I feel an irresistible nudge to follow suit

I find my mouth complying

And singing “hallelujah” with the angels

I am suddenly aware of how small I am

Both in stature and status

I find myself falling to my knees

In worship and adoration

With hands lifted high

I sing with all my might

I feel every eye fixed on me

But nothing can hold me back

As I worship my Lord and King

Then You turn and fix Your eyes on me

And I can’t help but fall prostrate

That my Lord my King

Would look upon someone like me

But You with magnificent love

Seeping through those merciful eyes


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