Our dreams can be good or bad or even a mixture of both good and bad. They are usually made up of our joys, fears, anger, hopes, disappointments, our experiences and things we’d like to experience or have experienced. They get all mixed up and while some of us sleep without dreaming others dream a lot on a regular basis.

Does God speak to us in dreams? I believe He does. I am not saying that He comes and speaks to us audibly and gives us direct revelation as we read of Him doing in some texts in the Old and New Testaments. But He does shape and build us up through truth and life on a daily basis and our dreams are (in part) expressions of the things He leads us to hope for and rejoice in as we walk with Him. So when we dream something lovely, beautiful, something strong and good, when in our dreams we’re looking for righteousness and the triumph of the spirit we should attribute all that to His influence. If we are struggling with sin that for the moment seems to have us beat, that will probably come out in our dreams as well.

It is also true that things other than God shape us daily. Sometimes we dream things we are ashamed of when we wake up. But if we feel ashamed that too is the work of God. It seems obvious then that we dream what we take in and that dreams express something of who we are and how we react to life’s experiences on a daily basis.

So when we dream of husbands or wives or family and friends smilingly and lovingly calling us on, we are dreaming the truth we’ve been taught by God in one way or another (love). There is no doubt in my mind that God has worked miracles and if He is good and ready He will work more even through dreams. So if you dream of a glad reunion with those you love and you have given yourself to God then you are dreaming the truth that God has fed you and led you to long for.