Power of the Printed Page

“A student at Jacksonville University in Florida was given a tract. The student crumpled the pamphlet up and tossed it into a trash bin in his dorm. Later, his dorm mate picked it out of the trash, read it, and was soundly saved. He is now a pastor of a church in Florida.”

“A Christian I met in a home group said he was raking litter off the Avon River. It was dull, boring work and he often wondered what life was all about. One day he raked a soggy piece of paper off the water and decided it was interesting enough to keep, so he carefully placed it in his bag and took it home. That evening he dried the paper in front of a heater and carefully unfolded it, then he read it. It was a gospel tract. He became a Christian that evening.” — Richard Gunther

Billy Graham said, “Nothing surpasses a tract for sowing the seed of the Good News.”

  From The Evidence Bible, page 1249.