My dear friends, who are pastors and especially youth pastors, please with the Love of God, allow me to tell you this because it’s paining my spirit.

I have gotten to a point i get private Facebook messages  by young men\women in our churches expressing or confessing a sin or something they are in or have been going through. Many times, as a person, I always ask where do you go to church and is your pastor aware or have you shared this with your Pastor?

It’s amazing the response I get from them.Many are blunt, “I can’t share this with my Pastor, otherwise it will be a sermon in church!”. Many young men and women are dying with things in their hearts and wishing to be close to someone who understands them, but who will not use what they have shared with him\her, outside the prayer closet, when they pray together.

Rick Warren in his book the Purpose Driven Life, says he made a commitment as a pastor, that whenever he has counseled someone and got to know much about them, he committed to not sharing that information outside those confines, unless with the permission of the person and only if it’s necessary. Whenever he prays for a sinner, counseled people with serious issues, they will never hear him preach them, unless it’s a testimony to encourage the church at large and as I said, with permission.

Pastors, take this word with brotherly love so thjat our young men and women will not be running around seeking help from other sources other than where they are being fed spiritually.

May God help you. Amen