Text: – Titus 1: 10-16

Introduction: – To masquerade entails attempting to deceive people about the true nature or identity of something. Masquerading is a situation where people disguise or masks their true identity and by extension, Masquerade Christianity is an attempt to use Christianity to mask an already battered image.

 1.      Why would a man or woman choose to use Christian religion to mask his or her true image?

Answer: –When they are incapable of repentance; when they cannot pay the price of a yielded life and obedience; when they cannot accept God’s offer and condition of salvation; when there is reluctance to embrace what is known to be true and right. Jesus is the Truth and the light of life.

 2.      You are a Masquerade Christian when:

a.       There is a truth about your life that is hidden or that you…

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