Have you made a deep, heartfelt decision to come closer to the Lord? You are attending a Christ-filled church on a regular basis, you are surrounding yourself with good Christian people and you are reading your Bible every day. Have you wondered though if you are getting the most out of your Bible reading?.

There is so much that can be said about what is required or necessary when reading any bible verse, but here are 5 tips to incorporate into your Bible studies to get as much as you can from the Lord’s words.

  1. Make sure it is quiet. Remember this is a time for just you and your Lord. The television should not be on, the phone should not be ringing etc. You will want a place of peace and quiet so you are able to connect with the word of God and hear what he is trying to bring into your heart. Do not confuse this with prayer. Prayer can be done anytime and anywhere. When you are trying to study and interpret God’s word it will be much more beneficial if you are in a quiet location.
  2. Have a schedule. If at all possible, try and stick to a Bible reading schedule. Of course there are times when the Lord will draw us to a certain part of the Bible and we must obey His wishes. Other than that, you can stick to a “Read the Bible in a year” schedule or something similar to that. This will allow you to focus all your attention on a certain portion of the Bible, allowing you ample time to interpret and bring it into your heart.
  3. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Let’s face it, the Bible would not be considered a “light” read and it takes some getting used to. Don’t try and read the Bible as if it was a novel. Take each passage and meditate and pray over it. If the Lord has a special message that He needs to convey to you and your heart you must allow Him to do just that. If you try and digest a large amount at one time, you will also miss a lot of the true meaning behind what you are reading. Take it slow and truly get everything you can out of the Lord’s words.
  4. Choose the right Bible. There are many translations of the Good Book. Some of them are easier to interpret then others. If this is your first time truly trying to come closer to the Lord through His word, a study Bible may be your best solution. A study Bible literally explains everything that you are reading. It explains the passages origin, who is speaking the words, who they are being spoken to or who they are about, and most importantly why. If you are just beginning your Bible studies this will be a great tool in getting all you can from your readings. After you feel more comfortable you can move on to one of the many other translations of the Bible instead.
  5. Be committed. Making a promise to the Lord to study His word is a big commitment. Make sure that your heart is truly committed to seeing this promise through. Don’t get discouraged, as sometimes the Bible can seem extremely overwhelming. Take your time, open your heart and keep reading. If your heart is open to the word of the Lord, you will hear the Lord speak to you in many aspects of your life. Stay strong and keep reading. You will never regret your decision to do so.

Reading the Bible and studying the Lord’s word can change your life in more ways than one. Try to implement the tips and strategies mentioned above and hopefully you will begin to see positive changes in your life, as you grow closer to the Lord through His words in the Bible.