Lord, I love You, You are mine 
You fill me with a love divine 
In everything I say or do 
Father, I want to glorify you 
May Your love light shine through me 
To lead others to eternity 
Every breath I take is Yours 
As Your love over me pours 
My heart beats only for You 
May I honor You in all I do 
My spirit lifts it’s voice in praise 
I will worship You, all my days 
Lord, I cannot understand 
Where I’d be without Your hand 
You lift me up when I fall 
You answer me when I call 
Lord, all I am I give to You 
For You make my heart brand new 
I am the branch, You are the vine 
Lord, I want to be Your valentine 
(By Debbie Preuss, February 10, 2002) 
Child I love you, you know that now 
As I reach down, to caress your brow 
Trust Me now to work things out 
Child, please come, don’t My love doubt 
I love you with My love divine 
I know you are My valentine 
So come to Me with everything 
Let your doubts and fears take wing 
Rejoice in Me, let your hair down 
Someday, you will wear a crown 
Lift your voice and sing with Me 
Join all nature in the harmony 
Come and worship, take a rest 
Lay down your burden, be My guest 
Let Me hold you for a while 
How I love to see your smile 
Know My child, that you are mine 
I’m glad you are My valentine