Today as I walked along Moi Avenue, Mombasa, I happened to meet an old friend of mine, whom I have always known as Baba Carol.

As we savoured (or is it endured?) a cup of hot tea, in a hot cafe, in hot Mombasa, our talk inevitably turned to Kingdom matters and in the course of it, he asked me,

“Baba Deno (my son’s name), if God knows what we are going to ask Him in prayer, why then pray?”

My answer was via an example.

“Baba Carol, how would you feel if little Carol were to come to you after school and tell you, ‘Daddy, I am so glad you are my dad. Thanks for that nice dress you bought for me during Christmas. Can I please have another dress for Easter, please Daddy?’

He thought for a minute and said,

“I would feel honoured by the recognition and affection shown by my daughter. May be this Easter I will get her a pair of shoes because the last pair looks worn out and the Christmas dress still looks good”.

That my friend is how God looks at us, HIS CHILDREN