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Flooding in my neighborhood 8/11/2014 Flooding in my neighborhood 8/11/2014

By Kenneth Justice

~ Yesterday, everything in my world seemed upside down. Record rainfalls for where I live here in the Midwest (akin to an average day in the Costa Rican rainforest) flooded my community. Having visited the Rain Forest of Central America a LOT of times I’m used to massive rain storms, however, area sewers and drains here in the Midwest weren’t built for prolonged rain (it fell from morning to night) and soon they were at capacity and draining back into the streets.

Within hours of the sewer overflow the water was as deep as 4 feet on area roads. I had been hanging out at the local library, only a 15 minute walk to the house, but was forced to leave my car in the library parking lot and make the long trek home after I saw the roof of a Corvette…

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