There’s an old story (which has been made into a song) about a little boy who was sitting on the steps of a busy street corner crying. A policeman walked up to him and asked what was the problem. The little boy was lost and didn’t know where he was. He didn’t know his address, only his name. 

He and the policeman walked up and down several streets looking for some landmark the little boy might recognize – but with no success. Finally, as they rounded a corner, the boy shouted out loud with excitement. In the middle of the block was a church with a cross on top of its steeple. 

The little boy exclaimed, “I know where I am. I know the cross. Take me to the cross – I can find my way home from there.” 

There are many people in your life who need you to take them to the cross. They live next to you. They serve your table at the restaurant. They play Golf and Bridge and Tennis with you. They watch the soccer and baseball games with you. You see them behind the cash register when you’re shopping. You see them behind the counter when you’re buying gas. You see them in the park, at school, at work, waiting in line. They may be smiling on the outside, but they’re unhappy on the inside. 

They need God. They need His Love, They need His Salvation. They need someone to take them to the cross. Who will you take to the cross today? 

To be a missionary, you don’t have to cross the sea, you just have to see the cross.