Oh Lord, You always, finish what You start
Every work You begin, in my life, in my heart
I know You are capable, to complete Your plan
No matter what the circumstance, You want the best for man
You started a good work in me, Oh Lord, You are my friend
Please help me to trust You, until I see the end
Lord, I will exalt You, I give You all my praise
For the work You will complete, in the coming days
Help me to be willing, to follow where You lead
Both in the times of plenty, and in the times of need
For You know what You are doing, who am I to second guess
That You, my Heavenly Father, will give to me Your best
Lord, Your good and perfect will, let it be done in me
Help me trust You for the outcome, when the way I cannot see
Lead me in Your paths, for my Lord I know
That You are always with me, everywhere I go
So dear Lord I give to You, my very life, my heart
For You are faithful, to finish what You start