Walter Bright

Every Sunday morning before I take the pulpit to speak, I wrestle with what I am about to deliver:
Is this of God?
Is this what the Spirit wants me to share today?
Have I study enough, prepared enough?
Many mornings I am led to preach something other than I prepared.
Other times I walk to the pulpit, heart pounding, not knowing what I am going to say.
I would love to say I am spot on every time, but that wouldn’t be true.
I miss him sometimes – but when I do hear Him and obey Him, it’s glorious.

Every afternoon I take sometime to reflect upon the message preached.
I celebrate what God did during service.
I praise him for the response of His people to His word.
Sometimes I second guess what I shared, even though, I know He was in my preparation.
Did I miss God?

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