Walter Bright

Since the rise of ISIS, the world has witnessed a diabolical, murderous persecution of Christian. The response of many to this great wickedness have been very encouraging.

Many have began:
Movements of prayer for victims
Missionary outreach toward the broken
Mercy ministries to the persecuted

Interestingly, some Christians have picked up arms to fight this great evil. I personally don’t like that style. But it is happening. World leaders and religious leaders have all condemned the merciless killings and barbaric beheadings of our Christian brothers. Everybody wants this to stop. I certainly do.

Unfortunately, too many Christians are acting like this is the end of the world, end of the Church. They’ve become so afraid of ISIS. But there is nothing ISIS does that can hinder the glory of God from manifesting in the face of Jesus. The thing about The Church that many cannot comprehend is this. Let me…

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