Speed has its disadvantages.  The world seems smaller and less spectacular when you realize how few hours it takes to span the oceans and circle the globe.  The wonder at the beauty along the wayside is transferred to the awesomeness at the genius of man to create the marvelous machines which whirl us past at enormous speeds.  Can you wonder that modern life today is such a strain?

Do you ever reflect upon the quietness in nature?  Off into the hills, away from the busy thoroughfares of life, there is a stillness that is pulsating with growing things.  The forests and fields are with quiet patience absorbing the warmth of sun and drops of rain.

Have you ever thought how pleasant is the voice of God?  It is to be compared with the refreshing sound of running water in a pebbly brook; musical, delightfully gentle, humble.  His command of “stand still” is to slow us down to a more moderate pace.  We can then see His signs along the way.