Dearest Saints,

When I think of how so many people put their hope in anything this world offers, it is always that “wishful hope” that says: “I hope this comes to pass or I hope this/that happens or doesn’t happen”. They are never certain all because they are putting their hope in circumstances that will never stand. Just like Jesus talks about people who build their houses upon the sand or on a rock. As long as people continue to build their lives upon the sand (anything other then putting their hope in Jesus), their only hope is relying on having favorable circumstances which will one day fail and come crashing down. I certainly do not want to live my life that way with the future of uncertainty because we cannot ever expect to stand by relying on circumstances. So many people who fail to put their Hope in Christ live this way with no inner peace. Without putting our Hope in Christ, be certain that it will end one day sooner or later. When we come to learn more about the Awesomeness of God, we don’t have that feeble hope that carries within uncertainties. I can’t tell you what a privilege it is to be able to carry around that inexpressible HOPE that is SURE and STEADFAST when we build our lives upon Christ, the One who has proven His love for us beyond measure. If you forget this, just go back to Calvary and ask Him to give you a real life vision of the Roman Soldiers pounding those large spikes through His hands and He still asks His Father to forgive them. No money and all the richness of this world cannot ever compare to be able to carry that inexpressible HOPE that we are so privileged to have in Christ all because of His love for us.

When a family or community is strong, it is because they love one another, pray for one another and know they are truly connected together relationally united as a family being mindful and having concern one for another. We, as the Church are called to be that. When you read about the early Church in Acts, they were strong because they were united in love towards one another which is the will of God. If we intend on being strong, we also need to love one another, pray for one another, being mindful one to another and refuse to allow anything that would divide us or allow any opposition to what Gods will is for His Church. When God tells us to think of others more highly then ourselves (Phil 2:3), we kick pride out of our lives and give no place for that. Everything God teaches us is always meant to bring us together as a unified body who loves the Lord first and loves one another because we are in this together. When we choose to live for the Lord, we need to be intentional to refuse to allow any other doctrine to have its way into the body that violates the law of love, peace, unity that promotes putting self above the rest. When division, strife, factions are present, we have allowed the enemy to rule and trespass into the body when we should kick him out and give him no place. We should see everything that opposes His law of love is a violation directly against Him because of the unmatched price He paid by for the great suffering He did for us. Afterall, God tells us if we love Him, it is because we love one another and fulfill the law of love by believing the best for others and seeking the interest of others (Phil 2:4). When we don’t love one another, we don’t love Him (1 John 4:20). Not allowing Gods Word to rule in our lives is just as bad as committing sin when we fail to do what we know is right (James 4:17). Again, we need to see the cost of our sins each time the large spike is driven into His hands.

I am feeling lead to be relentless more and more to take a stand in the One who I have come to know who loves me and declare victory for Gods Church to be united in love towards Him and one another. By putting our Hope and Trust in Him, we understand that we don’t have to fight the enemy to win because Jesus already fought the battles on our behalf and won the victory (1 John 4:4). What we need to do to be strong in Him is put our relentless Faith and Hope in Him by standing upon His Word, knowing His love for us, knowing our identity as His loving Child, our present and eternal inheritance because of all He has accomplished for us. We also stand strong in Him when we faithfully pray one for another and by doing His will. With the help of His Spirit, let’s be relentless to put our Hope and Trust in the One who holds the future and has won all the battles on our behalf. He wants us to totally rely on Him for all things in order that we can stand strong in Him, having built our houses (lives) upon that Rock (Jesus) that will always withstand every storm.

He who endures to the end shall be saved (Matt 24:13). We are able to endure to the end when our Hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Blood and Righteousness.

In the Matchless Name of Jesus
Ministry Encourager

Who is like You, O Lord, among the gods? Who is like You, glorious in holiness, awesome in splendor, doing wonders? (Exod 15:11)