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Dream Big, Dream Often

Leading into my Monday post about Habits of Success I want to say something straight out…I am amazed at how many comments I received expressing the reasons that people could not exercise.  You would think I wrote a post asking everyone to mail me a check for $10,000, instead of asking someone to walk down the driveway and back.

People, the fact that you instantly went to making excuses is exactly my point behind writing this blog!!  YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR THINKING IN ORDER TO CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES!   I do not want this to come across as lambasting, I want to be an encouragement.  Stop using excuses and eat a vegetable, walk down the hallway and back.  Stop letting yourself off the hook with built in excuses, stop sabotaging your own success.  Know this: there are people in this world that are doing more, with less than you.

I saw…

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