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Life is sometimes unpredictable. Today we are up, tomorrow we are down. There is always something to set us back when we are on our way up the mountain. Sometimes in climbing, a wrong step push us down to where we are coming from, instead of propelling us to the next level. But what do we do in moments like these? Do we get discouraged and slide further down or do we hold more firmly with a determination to continue our climb. The ability to comeback after a setback is called resilience.

According to Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, there are three kinds of climbers:

  1. Quitters: They led compromised lives. They abandoned their dreams and have selected what they perceived to be a flatter, easier path.
  2. Campers: They are like quitters. They too led a compromised life, but the difference is in the degree. Weary of the climb, they say, “This is…

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