One morning while Alfred Nobel was reading the paper, he was shocked to discover his own obituary.

Someone at the newspaper had obviously made a great error and falsely reported that he had died. You might say that Nobel was given a luxury that few people will ever receive: a chance to see what’s said about him after his death.
The obituary primarily remembered him as the man who had invented dynamite, which had been used as a weapon of warfare, killing thousands. It turned his blood to ice to think that above all his other accomplishments in life, he would be remembered as the man who gave the world its most destructive weapon. Then and there, he determined that he would make some changes in his life. Nobel made a personal vow: “From this day forward, I will dedicate my life to the pursuit of peace.” Creator of the Nobel Peace Prize, today when we hear of Alfred Nobel, we no longer think of dynamite, but of peace.
THOUGHT: As you examine your spiritual life, how would you describe it? Would you describe yourself as strong? Weak? About to give up? Before you become discouraged and fall out of the race entirely, give it one more shot. Put everything you have into it. Give it your all, or one day you may wake up and realize that you wasted and squandered the resources and potential God placed within you.

– By Greg Laurie.