Great spiritual insights

Walter Bright

All within are love and gladness,

Light and warmth and cheer;

All without the night wind wailing

O’er the lonely mere.

There within the child belovèd —

There the welcome sweet;

There without the wandering orphan

And the weary feet.

Wandering child! the Door is open —

That fair palace-door;

There thy Father’s kiss awaits thee,

Fatherless no more.

One fair golden Door — one only,

Jesus Who has died;

Jesus is that blessed Doorway

Open free and wide.

Child, no need to knock, to ask Him

If thou mayest come;

Lo! He stands in love beseeching,

Saying, “Child! come home.”

Saying, “Child, the night is dreary

On the mountains lone;

Pass within thy Father’s palace,

Heaven is all thine own.

“Thou hast sinned, and I have suffered

Curse and death for thee;

Now as I to Him am precious,

Thou art dear to Me.”

Emma Frances Bevan, 1899

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