Corruption mentality doesn’t begin when you start working at NYS or when you are posted to Afya House.

It starts when you start bribing your baby with a sweet/biscuit so that he can stop crying. When you give your son 5 Shillings so that he can go to the shop and buy a kilo of sugar which he will also use!

When you bribe so that your child can join the Police Force, what do you expect once he gets there AND he knows he should not be there in the first place?

If you didn’t know that is many a time the genesis of believing that you have to get “paid” do what you are supposed to do, or that you are entitled to “something” for doing something.

Then our youngsters watch in admiration as glorified THIEVES drive around in big cars and stay to the West of Nairobi.

“Working” smarter takes a whole new dimension.