African Freelancers

The last two weeks have been unkind and turbulent to me. Two of my main writing accounts were closed indefinitely and this threw me off balance.

I Will not Quit Freelance Writing

One of this was, an article marketplace owned by Spike Wyatt where I used to sell my articles as well as earn from referrals.

Spike closed the site claiming that since he was not getting much from it, it would only be idealistic to wait till it started giving him a profit. I had invested a lot of time and effort on the site to the point of writing online reviews and an eBook to guide newbies on how to earn by selling their articles.

Barely a week after this saddening announcement, my academic writing account on was closed. The HR team emailed me saying that it had been deactivated citing the reason as fraudulent signing ins. On trying to reason with…

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