Today, I am what I am as a writer partly due to the mentor-ship of Walter

African Freelancers

Today, I decided to break from my norm of giving freelancing tips and I decided to interview an African freelancer. His name is Walter Akolo.

Meet Walter Akolo; a Prolific Kenyan Freelancer Walter Akolo

Walter Akolo is a Kenyan freelancer, blogger and internet marketer who has been interviewed on major websites and media outlets such as US Paysa and Kenyan Standard Media.

He was named as one of the five fastest-rising entrepreneurs in Kenya by Kuza Biashara in 2014. He has also been named as one of the most influential youths by Kenya yote. With no college education to boast about, a family that looks up to him for their sustenance, Walter is an epitome of resilience who has braved online writing for over six years now.

Currently, he still does online writing for clients but he mostly relies on passive online income generated by his freelance writing blog which has over 20,000 unique monthly…

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